The Incredible Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum® 

Martin and Osa Johnson, the swashbuckling married couple from Kansas, pioneered the first movie safaris of the 1920s and '30s. In the process, they documented a romance of exotic travel the world will never know again.

But we can see it again! Right here in America at the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum in Chanute, Kansas, Osa's hometown.

The Smithsonian praises the Safari Museum® for preserving the "pristine wildernesses, tribal cultures, and safari ways of life that no longer exist." The Safari Museum® conserves this natural and cultural history via its vast collections of pioneering movies, 12,000 photographs, exhibits, research libraries, and memorabilia from the Johnsons' expeditions around the world.

The museum boasts exhibits of rare artifacts of anthropology in the Imperato African Gallery, and documents travel history in the Stotts Explorers Library. The Museum also contains the Snark Theater (where you can watch Johnson movies); and the vast Henshall Archives, holding over 10,000 volumes on natural history. Consequently, the museum is a goldmine for researchers and scholars.

Various institutions such as Smithsonian, National Geographic, and media networks including the BBC, Animal Planet, and History Channel have tapped into the rare photo and movie treasures held at the Safari Museum®.


Today, the living legacy of the Johnsons is evident in the Safari Museum®'s partnerships with its sister museums in Africa and Asia. These international programs have inspired both wildlife and cultural conservation measures among the local peoples in Africa and Asia.

For anyone who has a passion for film history, safaris, African exploration, historic travel-adventure to exotic places -- or wants to do scholarly research -- then you must visit this world class facility. No wonder it has been named "the #1 Museum in Kansas"!

The Safari Museum® is located in an enchanting $2 million renovated Santa Fe Railway Depot in downtown Chanute. 

The City of Chanute is a gem in itself, a wonderful relic of late 19th / early 20th century Main Street Americana with its quaint hotels, old-fashioned soda fountains, restaurants and antique shops. A quiet place to get away from it all.

The Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum® is one of my favorite places in the world.

Asante sana (many thanks) for visiting!

Dick Houston
Honorary Trustee
the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum® 

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