Testimonials from past safaris with Dick and Born Free Safaris   Born Free Safaris 

I just wanted to share with you our wonderful safari experience with our guide, Dick Houston. Our trip to Botswana & Zimbabwe was a perfect "10." I would not change anything about it. No one got sick. No one got hurt. No one got lost. And, the entire group got along famously, thanks to Dick's leadership and "people" skills.

Dick certainly lightened what might have been some stressful moments with his wit and levity. He was always thinking of the group and arrangements which made things work best for our multi-age (30-82 yrs. old) makeup. He obviously knows how things work in Africa and gave us helpful advice to make things run smoothly as we transitioned from camp to camp. His leadership always worked quietly in the background and allowed us to enjoy every moment as details were negotiated behind the scenes. Dick kept us laughing all the way!!

His emails and calls preparing us for the safari were so helpful and we were ready for all our African travel needs. The only thing I would suggest is that Dick recommended a 30" duffle. I would highly recommend a smaller bag that could be carried on. My husband and I abandoned the 30" bag and took 22-24" bags which were much easier to handle and carried all our essentials.

I would also encourage travelers to Botswana and Zimbabwe to pack clothing and school supplies to leave at each camp. The need is great with 80% unemployment and these small donations, I'm sure, mean a lot to the local people. Dick did tell us about this in advance.

Dick encouraged us to read as many books as possible in preparation for the trip. I found a few more, like "The Elephant Whisperer," "Safari Jemma," "Into Africa" (Livingstone & Stanley) that also added to the enjoyment and understanding of the areas. So, I would suggest even more book recommendations for future safaris.

I would definitely recommend Dick Houston for anyone traveling to Africa with Born Free Safaris. His knowledge of Africa, the people, the animals, the customs, etc. is top notch.
He was awesome!!!!

Rob & Linda Locker
Pickerington, OH